Can You Bet Online in New York?

Online sports betting and casino gambling may be legalized in New York already in 2021.

The state of New York legalized sports betting in July of 2019 but there was a catch. Bettors could only place wagers in person at brick and mortar sportsbooks. Unlike the vast majority of states that have legalized sports betting since 2018, New York did not include a provision for online wagering.

It’s a decision that is costing the state millions of dollars. New Yorkers are crossing the state line into New Jersey, where online and mobile wagering is legal, to place their bets. There are anecdotal stories making the rounds of bettors logging into their mobile betting sites on the ferry home as soon as it crosses into New Jersey.

The chances of this changing anytime soon appear slim. Last month, a state appeals court ruling came down declaring New York’s online fantasy sports betting program to be illegal.

New York is currently averaging around $700,000 per month in legal sports betting revenue. That’s a pittance compared to the $25 million being pulled in every month by New Jersey.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is of the opinion that online sports betting can’t be legalized with an amendment to the state constitution. Last year, State Senators voted in favor of legalizing online sports betting but the State Assembly voted down the proposal.

*We expect New York online sports betting sites and mobile apps are live in 2021.

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